Five Paths to Lifting Your Energy Level Part One: Straight Leg Swings

December 19th, 2009

Low on go? Here is a pick up that’s totally natural.

Straight Leg Swings

  • Stand tall.
  • Lift your right foot off the ground.
  • Swing your right leg from the hip while keeing your torso straight.
  • Beginning with smaller swings work your way up to bigger swings.
  • Don’t go over hip height.
  • Perform twenty reps at hip height and then “decrease the range” over the following few reps.
  • Repeat on your left leg. - sets and reps : 3 sets of twenty full-swing reps each leg.

Next Week: Part 2 of 5 Paths to Lifting Your Energy Level: Push-Ups.

Food Affects Mood

November 19th, 2009

A CSIRO study on the moods of folk on different diets found low carbohydrate diets can have an ill effect on wellbeing.

Scientists noted body wieght and mood in groups of folks on both low-fat and low carb diets. Both groups rated well apropos mood elevation for the 1st 8 weeks, that might be accredited to early weight reduction.


the low carb group showed a gentle loss of mood imporvement after the primary phase, probably because of the nature of sticking to a strict diet, or depleted seratonin levels, analysts say.

Peak Performance Tips for Sport

December 2nd, 2008

Even minor dehydration can impair sport performance. During most sport activity the body burns muslce carbohydrate and body fat as glycogen. Recovering from sport should last less than one hour especially if well chosen food is eaten. Salt and fluid loss results from sweating which needs replacing. This links back to that statement even minor dehydration may impair your performance.

To rehydrate properly, sportsmen should drink past the point of thirst. Sip from a drink bottle during breaks in activity and by drinking 200-400mls at “half-time”.

If sport or especially training takes longer than the hour, consuming sports drinks that contain carbohydrates as well as fluids will help stamina and postpone fatigue. This is particularly beneficial during intense exercise in hot weather and when carbohydrate loading is limited.

Substandard recovery after the game can result in decreased energy during the entire week of training. It can even slow down recovery from injury. This is very serious. The number one step to replenishing the musce glycogen stores that have been used is eating a carbohydrate-rich meal or snack within half an hour of finishing exercise. Waiting longer, will result in a delayed recovery.

Examples of appropriate foods include:

  • 750ml of a sports drink like powerade or gatorade.
  • 500 ml of a fruit drink, 250 ml Fruit Smoothie.
  • A honey or banana sandwich.
  • 3 pieces of fruit. A fruit bar or muffins.
  • Or a bowl of cereal with low fat milk.

The objective is to eat 1-2g of carbohydrate per kg body weight in the two hours after exercise. This is around 50-160g of carbohydrates for most of the population.

Remember, rehydration ahead of thirst maintains performance.